Voix de Femmes

What you can’t help,
What you can’t help,
What you can’t help,

Making the Best of It – Half-Minute Song no.1 by Carrie Jacobs-Bond

A dreamy romantic, a caring mother cuddling a child to sleep, a lovely coquette, a desperate lover, a praying nun, a wise friend, a confident intellectual and creator, a young victim of crime .. Voix de femmes is the story of women from different periods, from different situations, from different strata. Under their diverse life stories one can discover their own tale. 

The action of the evening is quick, the plot surprising, the atmosphere amusing.
Are the songs really about many characters or one women only, captured at different moments of her life? Come to discover and let us take you on this journey through your inner self.

Aleksandra Bobrowska and the French singer Candice Ielo formed the Aldice Duo in 2014 with at HEM in Geneva.  What brought them together was their desire to explore the repertoire of Lied, French vocal music and opera, to search for new means of musical expression and to perform chamber repertoire.

Their programme ‘Voix de femmes’ invites audiences to discover more about the work of female composers through the ages, including Hildegard von Bingen, Clara Schumann, Fanny Hensel-Mendelssohn, the famous Boulanger sisters as well as Juliet and Barbara (contemporary French singers). The programme also features the music of contemporary composers such as Isabelle Aboulker.  

Learn more about the duet: duoaldice.com